Additional Services - Tailored Psychological Health Consultations
Psychological Evaluations & Reviews

For employers seeking to promote the health, well-being and resilience of their staff – particularly staff working overseas in aid-work, development or mission capacities, or in UK-based roles that can be physically or emotionally challenging – I offer a range of specifically tailored appointments.

* Psychological Evaluation is a 90-minute structured appointment through which an individual’s psychological health is explored prior to them taking on a particular role or assignment. Any areas of risk will be identified. However, the appointment is also aimed at helping individuals to recognise their own unique areas of psychological strength, and to think about ways in which they can maintain resilience.

With the individual client’s consent (which is sought in advance), this appointment is followed up with a report which is sent to employers, highlighting key areas of risk and resilience, and featuring relevant guidance and recommendations.

* Psychological Review is a 60-minute structured appointment aimed at helping individuals to reflect on the impact of a particular assignment or role they have undertaken. A holistic approach is taken with emphasis being placed on work-related issues and organisational relationships, personal relationships, physical and psychological health, and general wellbeing.

There are two further options for this appointment. Firstly, a report featuring key reflections, guidance and recommendations can be sent confidentially to the individual client. Secondly, with the individual client’s consent (which is sought in advance), a report can be sent to employers, with emphasis placed on any organisational recommendations regarding staff care - particularly with regards to individuals remaining in role.

Both these appointments can be arranged in person or online (an audio-webcam connection is required for this). Please contact me if you wish to book one, or would like to discuss further details regarding pricing. I have a specific referral form which I send out to be completed prior to booking these types of appointment