Fees & FAQ
How Much Do Sessions Cost And How Do I Get Started?

For face-to-face counselling/psychotherapy I currently charge 60 for a 50 minute session during the daytime and 65 after 5pm. Please call or contact me by e-mail and we can arrange a time for an initial appointment. This will serve as an assessment - an opportunity for us to discuss your concerns and make a decision about whether to continue working together. If I ever feel I am not the best person to work with a particular client, I will seek to signpost them on to another more suitable service or practitioner.

For online counselling I charge 50 for each weekly e-mail exchange or for a 50 minute text-based live 'chat' or audio-webcam session. If you are interested in engaging in this type of work (see below), I will liaise with you via e-mail to assess your suitability, send further details, and ultimately set up an appointment time.

Payment for both types of session can be made using Paypal (see link below) - although this incurs a small additional admin fee. Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer and, if this is your preferred option, we can make necessary arrangements when we commence our work together. I also accept cash in person for face-to-face sessions, or can invoice your organisation if costs are to be met by your employer.

How Long Would I Need To Commit To Coming?

I do not ask clients to commit to a certain number of sessions - although it can be helpful for us to agree on an approximate time-frame for our work together at the start in order to pace it appropriately and allow time for review. Additionally, with corporate referrals, it may be that your employer is only able to fund a certain number of sessions - so we would need to be mindful of that and realistic about what might be achievable within a set period of time. Overall, I aim to work collaboratively with my clients, regularly checking in with them as to how they feel their sessions are going, establishing broad aimes together and, ideally, working towards a mutually agreed ending.

With the exception of holidays and unavoidable engagements (which I'd ask we give each other reasonable notice of), I generally ask clients to commit to sessions with me on a regular weekly basis. Once an appointment has been agreed I require at least two working days notice of cancellation or it will be chargeable.

How Confidential Would The Things I Talk About Be?

The material clients share with me is kept confidential (although there are some legal and professional limits to confidentiality which I can explain to you when we meet or agree an online counselling contract). In accordance with BACP guidelines I do meet with a trained supervisor on a regular basis to discuss my work. However, I do not divulge client's full names and any notes I keep are for my reference alone (again containing client initials only).

If your employer has asked for a report on an individual consultation with me, or feedback on any of my ongoing work with you, please be assured that I will ask for your consent to provide this in advance and consult with you regarding the content of anything I share.

When Can I Make An Appointment?

Please contact me directly to discuss my availability - which can vary depending on the work I'm undertaking at any given time.

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